How to analyze the fluctuation of foreign exchange and how to analyze it

I don't know whether people who pay attention to foreign exchange investment have heard of foreign exchange fluctuation. This knowledge is very important in foreign exchange investment. Do you want to know what analysis methods of foreign exchange fluctuation are? Next, I will talk about it in detail for you.

Brief introduction of foreign exchange fluctuation
Volatility is one of the main factors to judge the rhythm of the market. However, this index is the most unfamiliar one for many investors. For this reason, we provide amplitude analysis method and amplitude analysis reference table for investors as reference. After historical statistics, we found that the average daily amplitude of the euro / US dollar in the past 10 years was basically stable at about 100 points. Then, we carried out normal statistical analysis on the samples, and found that about 2 / 3 of the daily wave amplitude converged in the range of 70-130 points. This indicates that the main expected intra day high low gap is around this range.

And the market will also appear in the process of operation of this range of small amplitude and large amplitude. According to the statistics of historical data, we define the amplitude within 60 o'clock in a single day as the minimum amplitude day, and the amplitude above 160 points in a single day as the maximum amplitude day.

Introduction of foreign exchange fluctuation analysis method
If there are three or more consecutive minimum volatility days and maintain the form of interval volatility, it indicates that the market is facing a breakthrough. Once the key resistance level of interval volatility is broken, continuous unilateral maximum amplitude days are likely to break out. If three or more consecutive minimum amplitude days remain in the same direction, it is necessary to distinguish whether the trend appears at the beginning or the end of the trend, or whether the trend is a secondary trend or a major trend.

The above has introduced the knowledge of the use of foreign exchange, if you have concerns about this matter, please read this article carefully, and those who want to know more about financial investment can consult online customer service at any time.

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