How much RMB can I exchange for 1000 rubles?

I believe that many investors who pay attention to foreign exchange rubles want to know the latest exchange rate of their concerned currencies. Do you know how much RMB 1000 rubles can be converted into? Let me introduce this knowledge in detail.

About ruble
In October 1922, the denomination of the paper money was reduced for the second time, and a new ruble was stipulated to be exchanged for 100 rubles issued in 1921. In October 1922, the State Bank of the Russian Republic issued chelvin banknotes, each containing 7.742 grams of gold, guaranteed by 25% of gold and 75% of commodities. The gold content is the same as that of russian rubles. It is used for foreign exchange settlement in the Soviet Union.

In 1947, the currency system reform abolished the cheirwin banknotes, retained the secondary currency, issued new rubles, stipulated that 1 new ruble was exchanged for 10 old rubles, which was used to recover the 1924 rubles issued too much during World War II. In 1950, the second post-war monetary reform was carried out. The exchange rate was taken as the center, so that the currencies of Eastern European countries established a price comparison link with the ruble, and the gold content of ruble was set as 0.222168 g, and the exchange rate against the U.S. dollar was set as 1 US dollar equal to 4 rubles. Since April 1, 1957, in order to attract non trade foreign exchange, it is stipulated that the non trade exchange rate of free foreign exchange in the West should be supplemented by 150% on the basis of the official exchange rate, that is, the non trade exchange rate against the US dollar is 1 US dollar equal to 10 rubles.

The latest situation of 1000 rubles converted into RMB
1000 rubles = 94.99022 RMB yuan

About how much RMB 10000 rubles can be converted into RMB will be introduced here. If you have other questions, you can consult online customer service.

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