What is the symbol of Qatar's currency and what is the exchange rate between Qatar and RMB?

Investors who pay attention to foreign exchange may have some understanding of Qatar currency. Do you know what the currency symbol of Qatar currency is and what is the exchange rate between Qatar currency and RMB? I will introduce the situation of Qatar currency in detail.

Qatar currency
The Qatari Rial is the legal tender symbol of Qatar and is issued by the Qatari monetary Bureau. Its standard symbol is QAR. Qatar was originally the "protectorate" of Britain, using special Indian rupees. On June 16, 1966, Qatar, together with Dubai and other "trussier" Emirates (excluding Abu Dhabi), established the currency unit "Qatar / Dubai Riyal" to replace the special Indian rupee, with a gold content of 0.186621g. Formal circulation began in September, and Qatar temporarily used Saudi Arabia Riyal during the transitional period. On August 15, 1971, the US dollar ceased to be freely convertible, and the Qatari / Dubai Riyal began to float against the US dollar through its link with the pound sterling. Qatar became independent on September 1, 1971. After the floating of the pound on June 23, 1972, the Qatari / Dubai Riyal was no longer pegged to the pound and was pegged to the US dollar instead. In May 1973, the Qatari monetary authority was established to replace the original Qatari monetary Bureau, and the Qatari Riyal was issued to replace the original currency, and the currency value remained unchanged.

Exchange rate between Qatar and RMB
QAR = 1.85312 RMB yuan

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