How can a new and inexperienced trader quickly begin their trading adventure?

Platform offers a various approach for Clients with various experience.

(1). There is an exceptional educational section for Clients called Rookie Camp. This unique feature encourages Clients to learn systematically; you can earn Points for completing each level of education. Points can be later converted into Vouchers and cash.
(2). We suggest all new Clients to start off with demo account trading. Each new registrant will be offered 3,000 virtual USD to play with, with a chance to reset the amount if things go bad.
(3). Clients are welcome to trade under an umbrella of a TradeMaster: professionals who will teach our newbies all essential secrets.
(4).Platform provides Clients with an intuitive and client-friendly interface of the application. There are plenty of important risk control tools such as automatic calculator of free margin, SL and TP, so that you do not need to calculate these manually when you open positions.
(5).Platform provides access to market insights, such as news and cyclical announcements from institutions around the world.

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