Learn about merchandising

What is star merchandising?

According to the data indicators of the platform, such as yield and winning rate, select the trading star you like most and click on the documentary. As long as Star Trading, your account will automatically copy star's order transaction in the same proportion. Star closing order, your account will also close the corresponding order at the same time, and get the same proportion of trading income. Refer to the "star and merchandiser income chart" on the right.
The star accounts of the platform are all from real foreign exchange investment experts. Through MT4, the account transaction is really profitable and meets certain conditions, so it is applied to become a star.


Why choose star merchandiser?

Low learning cost: do not need to explore their own trading, follow the star trading, learn the star's operating skills

Less energy consumption: one button follow-up, do not need to constantly stare at the disk, completely follow the star's operation

Obtain star income in the same proportion: copy the star trading order successfully, and obtain the income of star profit order in the same proportion

Flexible investment: you can follow 10 stars at most, and flexibly set up the documentary fund to share the investment risk

What kind of person is suitable for star merchandiser?

1. Novice in foreign exchange investment, unable to understand various data indicators, but hope to learn foreign exchange trading at low cost

2. Workaholic, a lot of energy is put on work, there is no time to study foreign exchange trading, but also keen on foreign exchange investment

3. Research analysts, good at studying and analyzing the trading trend of stars, and summarizing and learning


Basic rules of documentary

1. How is the profit of the merchandiser calculated on a pro rata basis?

The balance of star is $1000, your documentary fund is $100, and the fund ratio between you and star is 1:10. If the star trades 1 hand, the system will automatically trade 0.1 hand for you. Star profit is $100, your profit is $10. If you have less than 0.01 trading hands after pro rata calculation, you will not be able to trade successfully.

2. Is there any extra charge for the documentary?

Choose star merchandiser, the platform will not charge any fees. The star will charge a certain profit commission for the order with profit, while the Commission will not be paid for the order with loss.

3. How to calculate the star commission amount?

Star Commission should be calculated according to the proportion of profit commission set by stars. For example: star's profit is increased to 5%. If you follow up the revenue of $10, you need to give star 10 * 5%, that is to deduct $0.5 of your profit order to star account.

4. Risk tips

There are risks in the market and investment should be cautious. Therefore, please pay attention to the documentary situation in real time. In case of large market fluctuation, adjust the documentary according to your personal investment risk preference.


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