What is more realistically profitable, Forex or cryptocurrency trading?

For starters, the movements of the major currencies are a lot easier to predict than those of the cryptocurrencies. This means that Forex is more stable.

Additionally, trading on Forex is more knowledge-based than trading cryptocurrencies, where it’s hit-or-miss pretty much the entire time.

Now, let’s talk about demand. In the case of cryptocurrencies, this is dependent on the opinion of the public. What does this mean? To put it bluntly, a cryptocurrency can disappear immediately simply because no one’s interested in it anymore.

That doesn’t happen with GBP, JPY, EUR or other real-world currencies because the economy would fall worldwide. Needless to say, the fact that physical currencies are always in demand translates as more security. On Forex, you have the option to try your luck first, thanks to the demo accounts that are available for everybody.

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