Fry spot gold to have what service charge

Does investment in spot gold need handling charge? What are the handling charges for spot gold? When investing in spot gold, many people pay attention to the information of transaction cost.

With the rapid development of the whole society and economy, the economic status and application of gold are constantly changing. The former symbol of wealth has been transformed into the investment and maintenance tool of today's investors. How much is the spot gold service charge now, how to calculate?

There are two parts of gold spot service charge: one is the spread. Generally, the gold spread among traders in Hong Kong, London and New York is 0.5 points. According to a standard hand, it is a fixed fee of $50.

One part is commission. The amount of commission is determined by the agent company in the mainland, because Commission is the source of profit of the agency company. In general, the Commission of a Hong Kong dealer's subsidiary company is $50 / standard hands. British and American traders will be given preferential treatment depending on the situation. Generally can do foreign exchange trader at the same time, spot gold transaction service charge is relatively low.

For example, when operating, one hand will receive a commission of $50, and a second hand will be $100. If you make a profit, you will have to remove the handling fee, which is your net profit.

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