Using skills of MACD index golden fork in crude oil investment

MACD gold fork: MACD is a typical trend technical index, which can simplify the trend of crude oil price. The basic knowledge of MACD will not be repeated here. Today we will explain MACD golden cross buying method in detail. As we all know, MACD gold cross is a typical buying signal, but the appearance of MACD cross is often different. For example, MACD cross above 0 axis and MACD cross below 0 axis have different market meanings. The MACD cross on 0 axis is generally the beginning or continuation of the rising market, while the essence of MACD cross under 0 axis is after the falling market Therefore, for different MACD golden fork cases, we need to have different auxiliary indicators to distinguish and match, and at the same time, we should carefully distinguish and handle.

1、 MACD gold fork: buy method under 0 axis.

The essence of MACD gold cross MACD below the 0 axis is: the 0 axis represents that the market has not yet got rid of the downward range, so the MACD cross under the 0 axis means that the market stabilizes or rebounds slightly in the falling market. Generally, MACD gold cross MACD under the 0 axis can only be regarded as a buying opportunity. To determine the purchase, it is necessary to see whether the corresponding price point of the MACD cross is an effective support level and success Whether there is any change in turnover.

Under what circumstances is MACD just a small rebound below the 0 line? Under what circumstances will MACD go out of a strong upward market? This should be combined with the volume of trading and other technical indicators, especially with the weekly KDJ analysis.

If MACD in the 0 line below the gold fork is in the weekly KDJ dead cross formed a medium-term downward trend, then it can only be a rebound in the falling market. When MACD is below 0 line, the buying signal sent by golden cross and weekly KDJ is the clear signal. In particular, MACD in the 0 line below the golden fork, weekly KDJ has been oversold in the region after two gold fork, the future market may come out of a strong rise.

The weekly KDJ is the "filter" of whether the daily MACD is strong after the golden fork under the 0 line.

2、 MACD gold fork: buy method above 0 axis.

MACD gold cross buying method above the 0-axis is much better than the MACD cross below the 0-axis. Basically, most traders will buy the MACD gold cross above the 0-axis, and after the MACD cross above the 0-axis acts as a signal, the remaining operation is only the problem of fund management. MACD gold fork above the 0 axis is generally a relatively strong buying point. What should be paid attention to is nothing more than the deviation of MACD, which indicates that the upward momentum of the crude oil market is becoming weaker and weaker, that is to say, the rising market is gradually coming to an end. MACD in the 0 line above the trend of gold cross after there are two situations to note:

(1) When MACD is above the 0 line, the rise of the latter will be larger and stronger than that of the previous one. This method can capture a wave of rapid and strong rise in the market.

(2) When the previous wave of upward market has a big rise and strong strength, the upward market rise of MACD after the golden cross above the O line is generally smaller than that of the previous wave, and the strength is weak. The top and back of the red column summit often forms a mid-term top.

3、 MACD gold fork: Week KDJ dead cross after MACD gold cross fast buy method.

MACD golden fork and KDJ oversold is a very famous trading system. MACD golden cross to determine the trend, KDJ to determine the relative low point. The conditions to be satisfied by the quick MACD gold cross buying method after the dead cross of KDJ are as follows:

(1) After the weekly KDJ cross, the crude oil price closed to the weekly negative line, the weekly KDJ appeared dead cross, and quickly formed the golden cross again in the second week, and the daily line KDJ occurred the golden cross on this day, which is a good buying point for profit. From then on, it will come out of a 2-4 week up market. (week KDJ dead fork only one week)

(2) After the weekly KDJ gold fork to the dead cross, the daily line KDJ gold cross after each dead cross is the time to buy.

4、 MACD golden fork: "double low golden fork"

The main elements of MACD index are red column, green column, DIF index and DEA index. If the DIF and DEA indicators are below the 0 axis, and MACD gold cross is continuously twice in a short period (8 or 13 trading days), this is a good time to buy. At the same time, the low two MACD gold fork may think that this undercurrent surging, there are a large number of dark long positions, causing a natural recovery in prices. The two MACD gold forks in the low position neutralize the space factor under the 0 axis.

MACD golden fork: today, we have explained the battle method of MACD golden fork in great detail. Therefore, the application of MACD golden fork derived from MACD is probably similar. The combination of MACD gold fork and MACD dead fork naturally forms a complete trading system, which is very helpful for us to cope with more complex and changing markets. However, it should be noted that there are still many market changes that can not be fully reflected in MACD golden cross buying method in the end, which still requires users to make up for the loopholes in MACD golden cross buying method, and develop its strong points and avoid its weaknesses. MACD gold fork is still a method summed up by technical analysis. It is only a tool to reflect the market. It is only a bridge to help crude oil investors to enter the market temple, not the ultimate goal. We should treat MACD golden fork buying method critically.

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