What is KDJ dead cross in crude oil investment?

Today there is a KDJ dead fork, we have a lot of questions about this noun, today help you to sort it out carefully. In short, K line through D line is a gold fork, often a buy signal. On the contrary, K line breaks down from top to bottom, and line D is a dead cross, often a sell signal.

1. When the crude oil price has gone up for a long time in the early stage, the increase has been very large. Once the j line and K line break through the D line at the high level (above 80), it indicates that the market is about to turn from strong to weak, and the silver price will fall sharply. At this time, the position should be closed. This is a form of "death cross" of KDJ index.

2. When the crude oil price falls for a period of time, but the driving force for the crude oil price to rebound upward is lacking. When various moving average lines form strong pressure on the crude oil price, the KDJ curve rebounds to near the 80 line briefly, but fails to return to the above 80 line. Once the J line and K line break through the D line again, it indicates that the crude oil will enter the extremely weak market again, and the crude oil price will also fall This is another form of "death cross" of KDJ index.

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