Application range of KDJ index in crude oil investment

It is believed that many investors are familiar with various analysis methods and indicators in crude oil investment. A good analysis method can make the most sensitive judgment on the market in any situation. KDJ index is one of them, and its application scope mainly includes three aspects

First, in the actual operation of crude oil investment, some short-term customers often use the minute index to judge the future market decision-making time. In the T + 0 era, they often use 15 minute and 30 minute KDJ indicators, and in the T + 0 era, they often use 30 minute and 60 minute KDJ to guide in and out

Second, when the market is in a very strong and weak unilateral market, the daily KDJ is often passive, so we should use medium and long-term indexes such as MACD; when the short-term fluctuation of crude oil price is violent and the reaction of KDJ lags behind, CCI, ROC and other indicators should be used; or slow index of slowkd should be used

Third, the KDJ parameter is generally 5 in the weekly line, and the weekly KDJ index bottom and top has an obvious prompt effect. According to this band operation, we can avoid a lot of hard work and strive for the maximum profit. What we need to prompt is that the general weekly J value rises in the oversold area with a V-shaped single bottom, which indicates that only a rebound market and a double bottom is a reliable intermediate market. However, the single top of weekly KDJ in overbought areas may also have a significant drop, However, when the stock market is in a bull market and J value is in the overbought area for some time, the crude oil price will still rise sharply

The analysis of various indicators in crude oil investment is to make them better used for trading strategies. Most of the time, a complete trading system is the perfect integration of various ways and means. How to make them perform their respective duties and play their due role is a test of investors' technology and savvy

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