How to seize the opportunity to make money in the rising trend of crude oil?

Crude oil investment must be based on the timing of buying. There are also money making signals in the rising trend of oil prices. When these signals come, we must not miss them! Next, we will teach you how to seize the earning signals in the rising trend of crude oil.

First of all, we need to understand what an upward trend is. The so-called rise must be continuous uplift, in which there are several characteristics:

1. The high points of the rising trend must be higher than each other

2. The consolidation of horizontal trend will not break the previous low point

3. The rising trend tends to start the second wave and the market is larger

4. In the rising trend, there must be a horizontal dish washing

5. The upward trend does not strictly follow the five wave fluctuation

6. When the upward trend is over, there will be a double top signal

7. The number of big and middle Yang lines is more than twice of that of Yin line

8. Generally, there are no more than 5 crude oils with a big negative line

The above are the characteristics of the upward trend, which only helps investors to summarize systematically without making too many comments, because we believe everyone has the understanding of these characteristics. In addition to the characteristics, we also need to understand several rising ways of the upward trend

The above is the rising trend of crude oil. Let's make a brief comment. Please see the following explanation:

1. Normal upward trend, the frequency is not high, because the normal upward trend is the best to identify and see, so the probability of market is not high!

2. This trend is the most, and the oil time-sharing chart generally fluctuates little in the early trading, so we focus on the horizontal trend.

3. Start of the boom type, this trend is often not enough continuity, short-term trading is the main, and the time-sharing chart early rapid pull up situation is not much.

4. The rising trend of small Yin and small Yang is also the most common trend of crude oil time-sharing chart. Of course, we do not look at the K line here, you can refer to the fluctuation space.

5. Extremely weak type, generally can directly wait until the late market operation, time-sharing chart this trend is not high frequency.

6. Crude oil starts to rise sharply, but it is not a surge. The difference between crude oil surge and crude oil surge is that the steep rise slope is high and the space is large, while the sharp rise belongs to the situation of reasonable slope and moderate fluctuation space. Starting the trend of the time-sharing chart, the day's low is very solid bottom, bargain long, set stop loss will not be a problem.

7. The time-sharing chart of crude oil at the beginning is generally very clear, because the crude oil market in the daytime and in China is generally not very big, unless the crude oil price fluctuates greatly in recent years. Therefore, as long as there is a time-sharing chart with a big start shock in one day, we should pay attention to the possibility that the big market has already appeared, and trading with the trend is the king.

The key to the actual operation of time-sharing chart of crude oil is to master the trend oriented type. We have cited a lot of trends above, but we all found that there are some trends that we clearly tell are not high, and some trends are focused on high-frequency trends. We should focus on the research of high-frequency trends, which will help us make money and trade.

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