How to grasp the profit when entering the crude oil investment market? How to judge the trend of crude oil?

Investors who are new to the crude oil investment market generally know the market only on the surface. They all think that this is a market for investment and profit. They want to seize the opportunity to make a lot of money when they come in, so they can't wait to trade for fear that the opportunity will slip away. In fact, there are opportunities every day in the investment market, but very few people seize the opportunities. Preparation before trading is more important than trading. From the past experience, transactions without sufficient preparation can achieve half the result with half the effort.

1、 Basic preparation

The most basic preparation is to have a preliminary understanding of the market to be invested in, learn the basic trading theory, understand the commonly used technical indicators and tools, be familiar with the trading varieties, and master the trading delivery rules and trading processes of each exchange.

Investors can learn to master. Investors should pay special attention to the fact that although the theories and methods in books are the experience summed up, they may not be able to use them flexibly. Real transactions are much more complicated than what is written in books. Wealth will not be taken away easily. After the basic warm-up, the understanding of the market is only preliminary, and it is absolutely impossible to rush to trade.

2、 Simulation trading

Simulation trading is the best way to verify the knowledge learned. Before investors have the ability to trade, if you directly make a real offer, you will pay high tuition fees. Therefore, doing more simulation transactions can slow down the painful process. Strictly speaking, the simulated trading is on paper, and the feeling and experience it brings to you is far less than the real transaction. Many investors make money in simulated trading, but they have problems as soon as they enter the actual combat.

The root cause of this is human psychology. Because investors have not set up their own trading system, they have not been able to record their simulated trading process, and they have not repeatedly verified their trading theory and discipline. What's more, it's because it's a simulated transaction and indulges in losses or makes some self consolation. There is no strict stop loss wechat Jin Yuhao.

Strict simulation trading is not always able to make money, just because a lot of people in the heart hinted that this is not real money, but just virtual. Ignore the loss, remember the profit, so give a false impression, and in the actual transaction, you will encounter unexpected problems and unacceptable results. Then he said that the investment market is not good, the market is always right, and a failed investor is not qualified to judge the market. Investors should bear in mind that the essence of simulated trading is to verify what they have learned rather than simulate profits.

3、 Small volume trading

Small volume trading is a further test of simulated trading. At this stage, do not regard profit as the goal of pursuit. Small volume trading can reduce the fear of the market caused by loss, and can truly experience all unexpected situations in the market, and truly experience all aspects of trading and possible encounter This is also a real test of the knowledge learned. Only in the process of trading can we realize the role of technology in the process of trading.

4、 Recognize oneself and market again

Through small volume trading, we will recognize ourselves and the market again. This re understanding is an important process. It will decide whether to continue trading. We will feel that the market is far beyond the initial understanding. We will truly feel our own risk tolerance and the harm that the market can bring, as well as the realistic profit target and market opportunity.

Only at this time can we face the reality and make an objective judgment on the market, instead of falling into the illusory trap of profiteering. This new understanding will enable investors to have certain self-protection ability.

5、 Reasonable stop loss

First of all, it is very important to set a reasonable stop loss and stop profit for the investment variety of margin trading. If a person is not a sage, who can be correct, and no one can say that he has not done wrong all the time, when the market is opposite to the direction of your list, you can set a stop loss, then you can come out in time, re judge the trend of the market, and then make the list again. If you can't make a strict stop loss, you can set a stop loss If you stop making profits, you are more likely to lose money.

6、 Judgment of crude oil trend

① If the trend of a wave keeps fluctuating for a long time, especially if the silver price is sorted horizontally in an interval and comes out of a box section, then the top of the box is a more useful resistance, and the bottom is a relatively strong support. If one side is broken, it must be shaken along with the trend. The distance of breaking is at least above the distance between the upper and lower scales of the box. The longer the interval concussion is, the longer the interval is The more useful the support and resistance are, the more useful the breakthrough rules are;

② In addition, if you go up (down) for a wave, then pull up (fall), and then go down (rise) again and again, and repeat repeatedly, then this point basically constitutes the bottom (top), which can be regarded as a more useful support and resistance point.

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