K-line index and foreign exchange trading: several models of MACD index

In foreign exchange trading, MACD index is an important index second only to the moving average. Like other indicators, it has several modes of its own, but there are several that deviate from the model. The following section will focus on sharing the departure patterns.

Apical deviation:When the index reaches a new high and the MACD column does not set a new high, it means that the upward kinetic energy exhaustion is a short selling signal.

Base deviation:In the index to create a new low and MACD column is no longer a new low is the bottom deviation, which means that the temporary need to rebound upward is a long signal.

Top win bottom:The accuracy of top deviation is usually higher than that of bottom deviation, and the market is faster! The more ink on the left side drives the market, the more likely it is for the right side to soar.

Most traders believe that deviation is a simple top and bottom copy, here to share with you the very classic use of deviation, and can master and grasp the details behind the door to make money!

Deviation from the trend:Deviation from the trend refers to looking for the bottom to leave in the long trend and looking for the top deviation in the short trend. We use the principle of going against the small trend and following the general trend to make profits, which is better than simply copying the top and bottom!

Shrinkage deviation:At the same time when the top of the bull deviates, the K line gradually becomes smaller, and the kinetic energy gradually weakens to short. This form is mostly the end wedge, and in turn, there is a shrinkage phenomenon at the bottom of the short position. To do long is more successful than directly copying the top and bottom. Moreover, behind this situation, it is usually shown by the result of huge release, and it is easy to get a good line Love.

Bimodal deviation:There are not many double peak deviations in a cycle. If you are already very skilled, you should be flexible to wait for the second deviation in the small cycle of the paired cycle, which will make the transaction more pleasant

Contrarian contraction deviation:It is obvious that both the large potential and the inverse small potential have shrinkage phenomenon, which further strengthens the top and bottom signals.

Bimodal shrinkage deviation:At the same time, the shrinkage phenomenon appeared at the end of the period, which strengthened the certainty of the top and bottom.

The two peaks deviated from the trendAt the same time, there has been a deviation in the large cycle and a deviation in the small cycle!

You will find that as long as you dig hard, you can extract very effective application methods, but to really master it, you need to experience it yourself, understand it in actual combat and use it flexibly.

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