Precious metals and K line (6): MACD index in technical analysis of gold

As a tool often used by investors, the K-line indicator is closely related to the pocket of gold investors. Today, we will share MACD index in the technical analysis of gold.

MACD is called the exponential smooth moving average, which is developed from the double moving average. By subtracting the slow moving average from the fast moving average, the meaning of MACD is basically the same as that of the double moving average, but it is more convenient to use.

When MACD turns from negative to positive, it's a buy signal. When MACD turns from a positive number to a negative number, it's a signal to sell. When MACD changes in a large angle, it means that the gap between the fast moving average and the slow moving average is very rapid, which represents a change in the market trend.

MACD index: the index smooth similarities and differences moving average (MACD) index has become one of the more popular and computer-generated technical indicators in the past few years.

MACD, proposed by Gerald Appel, is not only a trend tracking tool, but also an indicator of market momentum (volatility index).

MACD represents the gap between a fast moving average and a slow moving average. An index moving average is a weighted moving average that usually gives greater weight to recent price performance.

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