Basic introduction of Brent crude oil futures

Trade type: Brent crude oil

Trading unit: 1000 barrels

Quotation unit: USD / barrel

Minimum price change: 0.01 USD / barrel

Limit range: no limit

Contract delivery month: January December

Trading time: Monday 6:00-6:00 Beijing time (daylight time) 8:00-6:00 from Tuesday to Friday

Delivery grade: the delivery grade specified by LME

Transaction code: Oil

Listed exchange: Intercontinental Exchange

Brent crude oil futures contract (oil)

Brent is a light and low sulfur crude oil produced in Brent and Ninian oilfields in the North Sea. It is widely traded in futures, over-the-counter swaps, forward and spot spot spot markets. At present, more than 65% of the world's real crude oil is priced by Brent system. The port of loading Brent crude oil is sullom VOE, Shetland Islands, North Sea. The main users are refineries in northwest Europe and the east coast of the United States.

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