Trading rules you have to know in crude oil trading

In the capital market, any of our trading behavior is based on the premise that has not been proved wrong by the market, that is, it is based on the assumption that the transaction is completely correct, which is subjective! However, the direction of market movement is not shifted by our subjective will, which is objective and always correct!

When we trade in the same direction as the market movement, that is, when our subjective will caters to the objective trend of the market, profits will be generated accordingly. And when our trading direction is opposite to that of the market movement, that is, when our subjective will goes against the objective direction of the market, the loss will naturally occur If the market is always right, then we must respect the market, that is to say, we must strictly follow the direction of market movement. Only in this way and only in this way can we make profits and reduce losses. Trading is completely based on price changes and is purely technical!

In trading, risk control is always the first (risk control is the soul of all trading activities) and runs through the whole trading process! Risk control does not lie in the dispersion degree of trading objects, but completely depends on the price changes of trading objects! As far as the profits generated by exchanges are just products under risk control. Trading is rational and noble! It is not allowed to be blasphemous! The market is objective and sacred, and it is not allowed to have any offense! Therefore, it is better for traders not to have any foresight.

In an ideal state, all traders do is to identify the current trend and trade in strict accordance with the direction of the trend! Follow the market and operate in accordance with the trend. All trading behaviors are determined by the market! Never turn rational and noble trading into crazy and despicable gambling! Trading is mechanical and emotionless! We should discipline ourselves with trading discipline Take all the self-centered emotional factors (greed, fear, paranoia and madness, etc.) and trade as cold as a machine (simple and mechanical repetition), and the only guarantee of perfect trading is strict enforcement of trading discipline!


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