8 advantages of crude oil investment what are you waiting for?

We are familiar with many financial products, such as stocks, funds, futures, foreign exchange and bonds. However, many investors have only heard about oil (crude oil) and have not really understood it. Here are some advantages of oil. Why do you choose oil investment?


1. Convenient and quick

Like stocks, in the trading software for * * trading, convenient and fast! You can also order by phone.

2. Safe and reliable

Like stocks, it's Government approved, safe and reliable.

3. The operation method is the same

The analysis method is the same as the stock, it is equivalent to a special stock.

4. Three party trusteeship, with the advance of the year

Like stocks, funds are entrusted by the three parties, and the three-party deposit agreement is signed. The funds are managed by themselves, and the funds come in and go out. The funds are safe. (cooperative banks: China Construction Bank, Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications)


1. More flexible

Only when stocks go up can we make money. Oil can be long or short, that is, buy up and buy down bilateral trading, two-way profit.

2. Low investment cost

100% of the stock capital is invested, and the utilization rate of investment cost is small. Oil 2% - 40% margin trading, with small broad, high capital utilization.

3. Trading is more casual

The opening time of the stock market is only four hours a day, and many people are at work or busy in those four hours, and if you miss them, you will miss them. Oil trading is 24 hours a day, covering the largest trading volume in Europe and America. It can be traded in the daytime, in the evening, in the morning and in the afternoon. It does not conflict with the time and place, and can be traded anytime and anywhere.

4. T + 0 trading mode

Stock t + 1 trading mode, today to buy, limit or limit you can only watch, at least the second trading day to sell. Oil is a T + 0 trading model, which can be bought and sold at any time, and can be traded multiple times a day.

5. Single product, high chance to make money

There are thousands of stocks in the stock market. One or two of the thousands of stocks that are likely to rise will be bought. You can make money only if you rise. If you lose, you will be covered immediately. Oil market products are single, rise and fall can profit, that is, as long as you buy the right direction, you can make money, and the opportunity is greater and simpler.

6. Low investment risk

Stock market makers, institutions trading, retail investors how to operate can only lose money. The oil risk is controllable, there is no market maker control, and there is limit price stop loss protection, risk tips, etc.

7. Oil will not be wound up

The listed companies may be wound up due to poor management, and oil will exist forever.

8. More open and transparent

The stock market will be affected by insider information. The news and facts about oil will be published to the world, fair, open and just.


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