11 tips for investing in crude oil futures

Although crude oil prices continue to fluctuate, oil prices have not escaped from the cage of $40-50 in the near future. As for novices in crude oil investment, they are inexperienced in crude oil futures investment. I don't know what tips can help them. I will share this with novice investors below.

1. For the novice, every time the trading profits start 20 points, not greedy trading, appropriate practice, can exercise the ability of judgment and decision-making. Gradually familiar with the habits of crude oil, and then the pursuit of large profits. As the saying goes, plan before move, which is just suitable for trading.

2. 15 minutes chart, suitable for short-term trading, generally speaking, more suitable for novice practice and practical. See 15 minutes K line trend order, a profit of 20 points is no problem.

3. Before trading, you can first look at the 4-hour chart to determine the trend and direction; then look at the 1-hour chart to focus on the trend of the transition period and study and judge the trend of the next period. The transitional period is more important and serves as a link between the past and the future.

4. The shorter the time cycle, the faster the response and the higher the sensitivity; 5 minutes is suitable for ultra short-term, flexible and unstable trend, but can be aware of the future trend and trend. Can choose a good position to enter and close positions. In particular, the price run to support or resistance near, you can study the future market.

5. Of course, 5 minutes is only suitable for ultra short-term operation, can not distinguish a trend, therefore, do not recommend novice operation.

6. The moving average also deviates, the index is not a problem. If the moving average is up in the hour chart but down in the 15 minute chart, it indicates that a reversal is coming. If the moving average goes down in the 15 minute chart, but the price wants to rise, sooner or later, the price will go down, such as being bounced back by the pivot point. At this moment, you can choose. You'd better prepare.

7. The deviation of the moving average with a short time cycle can better reflect the future market trend than the long-term one. The 15 minute moving average deviation is more important than the hour chart, which means that the moving average is opposite to the price fluctuation direction.

8. Control risk, then profit, stop loss 20-30 points to protect capital. If you do it 10 times, you may be wrong three times. The loss of three times should be kept within 20-30 points. Your profit should be far greater than your small loss.

9. If you are not very objective and calm analysis, it is suggested that analysis and operation should be separated.

10. When you choose one person to analyze, you will recognize that if there are more people consulted, it is likely to encounter some situations. For example, when the person you asked happened to make a mistake, and then you think it is not credible, and then ask another person, which one is the fault of the other person at this time, then we will lose more than we gain.

11. If you don't know how to control the risk, the more accurate the market is, you will have no chance to make money.

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