Please keep it up! The routine process of crude oil futures investment scam

Fraud is always changing, but there are always some common points. Therefore, investors must understand these conventional processes to reduce the probability of being cheated. The following will show the conventional process of spot crude oil investment fraud.

The first stepCheaters often contact investors with strange phone calls or SMS. As for why the swindlers have their own phone number, they have to think about whether they have left their phone number carelessly when shopping or handling other business, so that the loophole people resell their numbers.

Step 2:Under normal circumstances, investors will not trust the cheater completely with a phone call. More investors are bored by these investment promotion calls and ignore such calls. However, there are always "outstanding" salesmen who, no matter how they refuse, still call you all the time in order to insist in exchange for trust.

Step 3:When you are defeated by the other party's sustained psychological offensive, they will fall further into the trap after they talk to you. And when you've got to know each other over the phone, you've completely trusted each other.

Step 4:After gaining trust, they will recommend crude oil investment to you and tell you that this investment is absolutely profitable (this is impossible, there is risk if there is investment). Under the guidance of interests, they will lose their sense and fall into it.

Conclusion: the best way to avoid being cheated is not to be greedy for small and cheap investment, to make profits step by step and to choose a regular platform.

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