Why investment in crude oil futures will always lose money?

Crude oil investment novice at the beginning of the operation, there is always a loss, this is why? The following will reveal this problem for you.

Loss reason 1: novice unwilling to stop loss

Investing in spot crude oil, I believe many novices know the importance of stop loss. However, in actual combat, some investors see that the spot crude oil price has risen again a few days after a stop loss. Next time, they will have a fluke mentality and stop losing. In fact, this is not feasible.

Loss reason 2: novice dare not chase higher

When many investors come to the spot crude oil investment market, they always think that the spot crude oil price has risen, and they are worried that they will be caught up again. What should we do?

In fact, the rise and fall of crude oil price is not necessarily related to the level of price. After the formation of the upward trend, the safety of intervention is very high, and the short-term profit is great. The core problem is how to judge whether the upward trend has been formed, which has different standards in different market environments

Loss reason 3: novice always love to copy the bottom

Spot crude oil investment novice to appear this habit, generally in the spot crude oil price is in the historical "low" stage. Seeing that the cost of oneself is lower than others, I'm really happy.

But I didn't expect that since a spot crude oil price has reached a record low, there are likely to be many new lows, and even your account funds will be cut off within a week. After copying the bottom, you may have buried yourself in the bottom.

Loss reason 4: it is difficult to take advantage of the situation if you don't understand it

Can not distinguish between long and short operation method, spot crude oil investment novice always have a long thinking, always think of the next day to rise or fall, yesterday's daily line closed positive thinking of Yang, on the contrary, thinking of falling.

Loss reason 5: novice chasing the rise and killing the fall become a common problem

When investing in spot crude oil trading, they are unwilling to let go of every opportunity. When they see the spot crude oil price rise a little, they rush into it. They don't know how much chance they can win. As a result, they are trapped again. In fact, this is due to the low level and lack of self-confidence. If investors can have several profit models suitable for different environment markets, whether the price rises or falls or the price changes The whole, have a steady way to profit, can calmly wait for the trend to become clear before intervention, reduce the risk to low.

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