Six essential investment skills of crude oil futures

Although the threshold for investment in crude oil futures currency is low, it is difficult to be precise. Here are six essential investment skills.

1. Look long and short:Whether you invest in crude oil futures, whether you are long or short, focus on the highest and lowest points of the day. If the daily high and low points (no matter which) are higher than yesterday's high or low points, it means that the market has changed, that is to say, it is easier to judge the difference between long and short.

2. Look at the strength:Oil investment has continued to rise or fall, and the trend has changed greatly; however, the rocket or waterfall before breaking through the key point is often limited, and the high altitude is much lower.

3. Look at the amplitude:The amplitude of oil investment is within yesterday's high and low points, and the market is not worried. However, when it is narrowed down to the unintentional target, it is often a prelude to the change of the plate, and special attention should be paid to the high and low points of the day. If the amplitude increases, it is necessary to focus on the breakthrough of the important support in the resistance level, but there is room for operation.

4. Look at technology: crude oil investment knows the graph every day to see what kind of K line is in, and make a comparative analysis with yesterday's K line. If it does not adjust its position and pressure, it will not change its position.

5. Audience:While focusing on Xiaobai, oil investment should also pay attention to rhubarb. Although there are times when the two are not synchronized, on the whole, rhubarb goes first and Xiaobai follows.

6. Look at the principleOil investment is short-term, although there are many opportunities. But in mind to have the overall trend of the market judgment, for example, now Xiaobai is a long-term decline after the adjustment, has not turned over, short-term holding more single to be cautious and careful. On the contrary, in the long-term upward trend, short-term holding of short-term orders to be careful.


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