Five tips for investing in crude oil futures

There are thousands of crude oil futures investment skills, and the following five tips and advice, investors do not want to lose money, you need to bear in mind the details as follows.

1. Different technologies have different signals, and different signals have different operations

This is a big obstacle for investors in learning technology. Investors must first have a solid technical foundation, understand the basic principles and essence of technology, and then carry out the evolution, transformation and comprehensive application. Generally speaking, 70% technical foundation + 20% skill + 10% savvy = learn and use flexibly.

2. Strictly refer to the technical signal operation to set different stop loss and profit or do a good job in risk control

After mastering certain technical essentials and strictly referring to the technical conditions, signal trading and stop loss, the large risk can be turned into small risk, and the small risk can be turned into nothing.

For example, after a certain figure appears, where is its buying and selling point signal? What is the profit space target? Where is the breaking position of the graph after losing? What are the situations that need to pay attention to?

3. Three key points of variable disk potential relay

No matter in the stock market or the spot market, if you want to grasp the precise trading point signal, you must first understand two kinds of Technical Graphics: first, the changing area also includes the time window; second, the turning signal to reverse the trend; third, the relay platform when the trend extends. This is also the top priority of technology. The person who is good at distinguishing and grasping is the successful person.

4. Lure more and empty less to make a single, adjust the loss when necessary to prevent scanning

If you want to effectively prevent the market from attracting more and less empty, the only thing that can be controlled is to do less chasing orders, or to reduce the risk, you have to reduce the starting position.

Generally, it is the first to rise and then fall to induce more, fall first and then rise to induce empty. Once there is Yin package Yin and Yang package Yin, we should attach great importance to it. The loss is loss. When the trend signal is established, we can immediately reverse hand to make a single, and we can recover the loss as soon as possible. If you do not want to chase single and do not want to encounter the situation of attracting more and more air, you can also place an order when the second clear signal appears.

5. It's better not to be obsessed with war news and data. Don't be heavy when it's difficult to judge

As spot crude oil is an international market, it has a wide range of influence and many factors of change, especially in the release of data and news, it is not easy to heavy warehouse in case of unexpected events.


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