What is the meaning of heavy position and full position in crude oil futures investment

There are many professional terms in crude oil futures investment. What do heavy positions and full positions mean? Let's see the analysis below.

Heavy position and full position means that the proportion of funds used in placing an order accounts for a very high proportion of the total funds, or all of them use their own funds to build a warehouse.

General investment does not recommend heavy positions full positions.

The premise of investment profit is to control the risk. One of the most important factors to control the risk is to control the position and resolutely not to operate the heavy position.

Because every investment operation is planned, and there is a certain possibility of error. Once the funds used for heavy positions are misjudged, the loss will be very large, even the loss will not be returned to the bottom, even if there is a second chance to come back.

Investors in light positions have left the opportunity to make mistakes, and once they have done the right thing, they will also have the opportunity to use the remaining funds in their hands to pursue the victory and expand the results of the war. It can be said that more can be said with one stone.

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