The difference between partial stock fund and stock fund

Many funders understand what is the stock fund. What's the difference between the common stock fund and the partial stock fund? This article will tell you the answer.

Stock fundStock is the main investment object, and stock investment accounts for more than 60%.

① General stock fund, the upper limit of stock investment proportion shall not be higher than 80%.

② Standard stock fund, the upper limit of stock investment ratio is 95%.

Partial stock fund

Partial stock fund is actually a fund. It's just that most of the money in this fund is used to speculate in stocks. Generally more than 60% can be called partial stock type. There are some radical risks, the expected annualized expected return is naturally high, and the stable possibility is to eat dividends. The biggest characteristic of the fund is that the fund manager has a wide range of information and funds have advantages. The level is higher than you. Therefore, the expected annualized expected income is relatively stable and relatively certain. The bear market also lost less. But in a big bull market, he can't beat you.

Hybrid fund

According to the "measures for the operation and management of securities funds", stock funds are defined as having more than 60% of their assets invested in stocks; bond funds are those with more than 80% of their assets invested in bonds; those that invest only in money market instruments are called money market funds; those that invest in stocks, bonds and money market instruments and the investment ratio of stocks and bonds does not conform to the above provisions are called mixed funds. That is to say, hybrid funds are funds that invest in stocks, bonds and money market instruments. According to the proportion of its investment in stocks and bonds, it can be divided into three types: partial stock type, partial debt type and equity debt balance type.

Generally speaking, is the stock fund must be partial stock fund, but from the formal classification, partial stock fund belongs to the mixed fund.

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