Is Yu Yuebao 1 safe? How about Yu Yuebao 1

Over the past two years, financial products have grown rapidly. Its initial leader is Alipay's balance treasure, which brings unexpected unexpected annual expected revenue to users. However, the expected yield of annualized products is not optimistic in the near future. Following the balance of treasure, a new financial product "Yu Yue Bao" has been launched. Is the Yu Yue Bao No. 1 safe? What about?


Is Yu Yuebao 1 safe?

Both Yu Yuebao and yu'ebao are provided by ant financial services, but yu'ebao is a monetary fund, while Yueyu No.1 is a bond fund. They are different types of funds.

Since yuyuebao No.1 is a bond fund, it has determined the risk level. In the process of investment, the expected annualized expected return may be zero or negative. Investors should also consider the risk bearing capacity of individuals to invest.

How about Yu Yuebao 1?

Yueyubao is suitable for investors who do not want to take too much risk, but do not meet the expected annualized return of yu'ebao. You can use yu'ebao to manage daily idle funds, which is convenient to use at any time. Although Yu Yuebao's liquidity is less than that of yu'ebao, it can be redeemed on the specified day of each day. You can use Yu Yuebao to manage and deal with monthly expenses, so as to achieve "daily management of idle money and monthly income".

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