Application principle of KDJ index (random index)

Fundamental analysis
KDJ random index is sensitive and fast, and it is a better technical index to analyze and judge the trend band in the medium and short term. Generally speaking, for people with large capital and large band, the KDJ value of the month is gradually absorbed when it is at a low level; the main force usually focuses on the position of the weekly KDJ and makes a judgment on the high and low points of the central line band cycle, so it is often unilateral, resulting in frequent passivation of the daily KDJ; the daily KDJ is extremely sensitive to the direction of stock price changes, which is an important method of daily trading in and out For short-term customers with small wave band, 30 minute and 60 minute KDJ are important reference indicators; for investors who have already made an immediate order, 5-minute and 15 minute KDJ can provide the best access time.

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