KDJ index (random index) stock selection method

Fundamental analysis
In order to make money in the stock market, we must first do a good job in stock selection. How to choose a good stock? In summary, there are six aspects: form, moving average, technical indicators, trading volume, hot spots and main cost. This issue first discusses the weekly KDJ and the daily line KDJ common golden cross stock selection method.

The daily KDJ is a sensitive index, which changes rapidly and has strong randomness. It often produces false buying and selling signals, which makes investors confused when buying and selling according to the signals. Using the weekly KDJ and daily KDJ common golden cross stock selection method, we can filter out false buying signals and find high-quality successful buying signals.

The selection of buying points for the common golden cross stock selection method of weekly KDJ and daily KDJ can be as follows:

The first way to buy: buy in advance.

In practical operation, we often encounter such problems: as the change speed of daily KDJ is faster than that of weekly KDJ, when the weekly KDJ is golden cross, the daily KDJ has been ahead of schedule for several days, the stock price has also risen for a period, and the purchase cost has risen. Aggressive investors can buy ahead of time in order to reduce costs.

The conditions to be satisfied in advance buying method are as follows: (1) the weekly positive line is closed, and the upward hook of the weekly K and j lines will require a golden fork (not a golden fork). ② The daily line KDJ will develop golden fork in this week, and the daily trading volume of golden cross is positive line (if the daily KDJ golden fork is on the same day, the trading volume of that day is better than the average volume of 5 days.)

The second buying method: Weekly KDJ just golden fork, daily line KDJ has golden fork buying method.

The third way to buy: Weekly K, D two line "will die" buying method.

This method must satisfy the following conditions: 1) after the weekly KDJ golden cross, the stock price returns to the weekly negative line, and then goes up again in large volume. ② The K and D lines of the weekly line are about to cross, but there is no dead cross. The K line opens its mouth again and goes up. ③ KDJ gold fork. Using this method to buy stocks, you can capture a rapid and strong rise in the market.

KDJ index in all kinds of software color: K line is white, D line is yellow, J line is purple.

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