Mainstream intelligent transaction classification types of foreign exchange EA

Due to the great development of EA technology in recent years, all kinds of new EA are emerging. I only classify them roughly, which is not perfect and rigorous. Please forgive me.

1. Trend

The most common and mature type is trend. The most mainstream type of EA, generally according to a variety of indicators and strategies to enter and exit operations.

2. Grid class

The characteristics of network are generally very obvious, that is, there are a lot of orders, and the floating loss is very large. All the orders are out of profit, and the advantages are obvious: the capital curve is extremely smooth, and the profit is very stable. But the drawback is also obvious: a big trend can blow your positions, and months of profit plus capital can disappear in a few days.

However, for large funds, it is relatively safe to use very small positions. In addition, with the strategy of regular withdrawal, it is also a less risky way. Losses double the position, such as: hirider_ Modified、LUCKYCANDLE、Tasukigap、Cash Hammer、Blessing。

3. Neural network

This kind of EA is just developed recently. The so-called neural network is to simulate the thinking process of the brain, and constantly learn the historical trend. Therefore, this kind of EA is unable to conduct historical backtesting in essence, because it has learned it in the "brain". This kind of EA is a new breed, whether it can make a stable profit remains to be seen. However, in the world EA competition in 2007, this strategy won the championship, and did not win the championship in the following years, which also shows that this strategy may not be omnipotent.

4. Scalp peeling

This kind of EA should be said to be the least risk, the highest profit efficiency of EA, its trading time is generally only a few seconds. However, it also has extremely high requirements for platform point difference and delay. Because of its excellent performance, it will attract a large number of people to use it in a short time. For this reason, brokers pay attention to it, and for some other reasons, this kind of EA can only achieve huge profits in a short period of time, and can not make a stable profit in the long term (such as boss, Wall Street Forex robot, forex) Shocker, fishforex robot, Yuri, etc.).

5. Currency related

The biggest drawback of this kind of EA is that it can't be back tested. You can't know its simulation performance. You can only observe the real offer to evaluate its performance.

6. Comprehensive

In fact, many EA are comprehensive. Although some EA tend to enter the market, they adopt radical fund management, which enlarges the risk of their exposure. Some grid EA adopt the martingale like fund management (martingale method, similar to counter market position adding), give up the market neutral admission strategy, and use some indicators to judge admission.

Forex in trend oriented EA_ Combo is good, but the EA has been inundated, and the parameter has obvious traces of optimization. In the actual process of hanging up, it can't bear a big loss on the whole, but it doesn't make a lot of profits. The EA can't meet the demand of IB's commission. Forexgrowthbot is in line with the trend, but the reason for the increase is too simple. It can make a lot of money when it comes to the strong one-sided and unrequited head type. However, it has been silly for a long time in other years. If the shock and trend are not rapid, he will lose his pants. Some people say that I use it when it is strong on one side. NIMA, if you know when one side is strong, why do you still use it? Fill the warehouse directly

When we investigate an EA, we must understand its type and fund management. We should not be confused by the perfect capital curve, let alone listen to the boast of the seller. Everything needs your own knowledge to judge.

Hedging and arbitrage EA (such as bhgoarmor, Pa5, etc.) also has a big hidden problem, because it is also a loss adding position!

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