MT4 grid Trading Strategy source code [MT4 formula]

The following is the source code of a grid transaction method that I saw on the Internet. I hope more people will post some source code of grid transaction method. We can learn and improve it together.


//| Grid1.1.mq4 |

//|Copy * 2006|

//| |


#2006 collection and arrangement of Foreign Exchange Union

#property link " "

#include < stdlib.mqh >

External double gridstep = 50; / / grid size

External double gridlength = 100; / / grid length

double PivotPr, Multiple, i, Lots=0.1, STOPLEVEL, TP, ST;

tring Text="Grid";

int Magic, j, BuyCount, SellCount, DTS, Ticket;


Int init() / / the initialization part will define parameter assignment: it may be assigned once every time in start, which consumes time

For the complete source code, please refer to:Grid Trading Strategy source code

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