What is black horse stock? What are the characteristics of black horse stocks?

Black horse stocks should be what investors want to see when they choose stocks. If they buy black horse stocks, they will have to wake up at night. In order to help investors choose stocks, let's talk about the characteristics of black horse stocks.
What is black horse stock?
The so-called "black horse stock" refers to the stock whose price may be disconnected from the past performance and rise sharply in the short term. Because these stocks can bring huge profits to investors in the short term, they are usually pursued by short-term investors.

What are the characteristics of black horse stocks?
(1) The circulating share capital of the company is small, and the best is within 50 million shares. If the main institutions want to speculate on a stock, they must invest a lot of money. If the circulation plate is too large, they will often give up the speculation on the stock; if the circulation plate is small, they will have a greater chance of being selected.
(2) From the past market performance, the stock is more active. The more active the stock is, the more likely it is to be speculated.
(3) The recent trend of the stock performance for the low shock pattern, the most common box shock. Because, the main force to carry out speculation, must hold a lot of cheap chips. The main position building techniques are more, in the shock, washing and preliminary pull up process can get a lot of chips. When the main chips accumulated to a certain share, it will pull up the share price. In the early stage of the whole speculation process, the main force may tentatively pull up the stock price. In other words, before the rising stage of the stock price, the stock may form several false breakthroughs in the early resistance level. In general, the fundamentals of listed companies, financial situation, the main operating methods of institutions and other factors also determine the trend of the stock. Investors should treat different stocks differently and grasp the profit opportunities.
The above is the general characteristics of black horse stocks, but only as a reference, to judge the black horse stocks also need a long period of experience.

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