What is black horse stock?

What are the characteristics of black horse stocks? The core technology of accurately selecting the black horse is to identify the characteristics of the black horse, and the most important characteristic of the black horse is that it is not favored by the investing public. The specific characteristics are as follows:

First of all, can become a black horse stocks before the start will always encounter all kinds of bad. The bad news is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the operating performance of listed companies deteriorates, there are major litigation matters, being condemned and investigated by the regulatory authorities, and a large proportion of expansion in the weak market. Although there are various forms of bad news, there is one thing in common: bad news is easy to cause investors to be pessimistic about the future of the company, and some even cause investors to despair and sell stocks regardless of cost.

Secondly, the trend before the formation of the dark horse also makes the investment public have no hope for it. Because the trend is very ugly, usually a long continuous negative line runs through all kinds of technical support positions, the trend will also show a serious situation of breaking positions, and all kinds of commonly used technical indicators also show a weak pattern, which makes investors feel that there is a huge space for decline in the future market, and their psychology tends to panic, thus shaking investors' confidence in holding shares.

Finally, individual stocks that can become black horses will have unnatural volume phenomenon in the bottom stage, and the effective amplification of volume energy shows that incremental funds are actively involved. Because, retail funds will not rush to build positions under the double blow of bad fundamentals and bad technology, so the volume at this time shows that some panic discs are fleeing regardless of cost, and the stock price remains unchanged when the volume is released, which just proves that mainstream funds are taking the opportunity to build positions. Therefore, it can be inferred that the stock is likely to become a dark horse in the future.

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