What is the difference between white horse stocks and black horse stocks?

People with certain stock investment experience can distinguish the similar stock terms in the stock market, such as black horse stock and white horse stock. Although there is only one word difference between them, there is a big difference between these two types of stocks. Here, we will introduce the differences between the two kinds of stocks for novices to see which kind of stock is better.
White horse stock: good performance, great power, relatively slow rise and fall, can do in the long term.
Black horse stocks: short term soaring.
In short, in terms of future performance growth, white horse stocks have less uncertainty, while black horse stocks have more uncertainties.
For ordinary stock investors, black horse stocks are not available, but no matter white horse or black horse, as long as "making money" is "good horse".
Which types of stocks have white horse shadow?
What is the difference between white horse stocks and black horse stocks? What are the market recognized white horse stocks?
Outstanding type: individual stock performance is excellent, return on net assets is higher than average.
High growth stock: average performance, but maintain long-term stable growth.
Sub new type: good growth, excellent performance and potential for expansion.
Industry leader type: high market share, strong competitiveness, easy to obtain various preferential policies.
Face changing: stock performance was bad, but after asset restructuring and other changes, performance improved significantly.

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