What should we pay attention to in the introduction of foreign exchange?

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What should we pay attention to in the introduction of foreign exchange? With the advent of the economic era, speculation in foreign exchange has become a way for many people's investment and profit, but it is not an easy thing to fry foreign exchange earnings. So the introduction of foreign exchange speculation is also a technical work, from where to enter? How to get in? Are worth exploring. Next, the author talks about some experience on the introduction of foreign exchange speculation.

Foreign exchange speculation novice in the introduction, first of all to understand the market trading principles of speculation in foreign exchange. To put it bluntly, speculation in foreign exchange is that in a foreign exchange transaction, traders buy one currency and sell another, that is, they exchange the sold currency for the purchased currency, and gain profits through the point difference between the two currencies.

Choose regular and strictly regulated foreign exchange dealers or agents. Generally, you can search the Internet or log in to its official website directly to understand the specific situation of foreign exchange dealers, such as the overall strength, time of establishment, trading products, supervision agencies, agencies, etc., from which we can roughly judge whether the dealers are regular or have strength. The most authoritative foreign regulatory agencies are FCA, NFA, CFTC and ASIC.

Select the dealers and get to know the situation again through their designated agents, including the situation of dealers, knowledge of foreign exchange speculation, etc.

Apply to open an account. When applying to open an account with online customer service, customer service will provide users with some forms that need to fill in information, such as identity information, home address, contact information, etc., as well as scanning copy of ID card. These information will be submitted to the online customer service through email, and the online customer service will let the relevant staff apply to the dealer to open an account.

Check the e-mail address, obtain the transaction account number, complete the account opening form and submit the certificate. After the information is approved, you will be informed by e-mail that the application for opening an account has been approved, and inform you of the account number and the operation method of injecting funds into the account.

Fund the new account and activate the account. Funds are usually remitted after receiving the transaction account number. General traders will set a minimum deposit limit.

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