What is foreign exchange scalp trading strategy?

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A simple quantitative investment strategy, refers to a very short period of time, relying on very low guidelines, very low stop points, open and close many trading positions. Not all foreign exchange traders are allowed to scalp, and not all those who allow scalpel are good at using scalpel to conduct business. Scalp peeling may not be suitable for all foreign exchange traders. As far as I am concerned, scalp peeling is not recommended.


1. The lucky foreign exchange dealers can get rich and colorful profits.

2. No need to pay attention to professional, stock investment strategy or any other analysis.

3. The spread will account for a large part of the profit.

4. The general profit / hazardous share is very low.

5. Not all foreign exchange traders are allowed to scalp.

6. Be sure to spend a lot of time on mobile stock speculation and trading.

How to trade?

1. Currency pairs with high intraday variability can be used, and it is recommended to use currency pairs with low point spread (such as EUR / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / USD and USD / JPY).

2. The best time frame is one minute or less.

3. The best trading time range is Europe / America and America / Canada.

4. The aspect ratio is concerned about 5-15 minutes of market sales behavior, and is fully prepared to enter the market.

5. When you certify that you "capture" the current short-term development trend, enter the arena.

6. Set a stop loss of about 10 points.

7. The general stop loss and profit is 1-1.5 times the point difference. Stop loss and profit are set very low, generally 2-5 points. Therefore, you must stock on the mobile phone, pay attention to the profit level, and be prepared to close the trading position by pulling.

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