What are the procedures for applying for an online foreign exchange account?

Foreign exchange trading
Speculation in foreign exchange, also known as "individual foreign exchange trading", refers to that during the stock trading hours required by financial institutions, according to the staff of bank service projects or other financial information service methods of electronic devices, using the constant fluctuation of foreign currency exchange rate in foreign market, to change between different foreign exchange transactions to obtain exchange rate spread or credit spread, To achieve the goal of appreciation and profit.

For investors who have just touched foreign exchange transactions, they will have the same problem: what are the procedures for applying for online foreign exchange accounts? Opening an account is the most important step for me to do foreign exchange. How to open an account to do foreign exchange investment is a problem that many investors are most concerned about. At present, there are mainly two ways to open foreign exchange accounts in China: 1. Financial institutions; 2. Technical professional organizations.

The specific steps of opening an account for speculation in foreign exchange:
1. Fill in the online account opening application
Fill in the online account opening application at the website address shown by the foreign exchange dealer, apply for opening an account and submit the account opening materials, including downloading the necessary ID documents for you to open an account free of charge, and fill in the materials; show the front and back sides of the ID card, scan the documents, email and email address of securities trading companies, or submit them according to online customer service and relevant staff.
2. Submit personal information for foreign exchange account opening
You must have your relevant documents to apply for your foreign exchange investment account: [ID card positive and negative + address Certificate (household register first page + my page or the detailed address bill of hydropower project coal in the last three months) + scanning documents or taking photos
3. Get the sales account according to e-mail
After being approved and up to standard, you will be informed by email that the application for opening an account has already been approved, and you will be informed of the operation steps of introducing assets into the account.
4. Cash call account (telegraphic transfer bank draft)
You can choose to introduce assets by wire transfer, postal bank draft. The assets of telegraphic transfer can be recorded within two working days.
5. Get the login name and password of the trading account according to e-mail
Once your assets are in the account, you will send a second notification letter by email, telling you the user name and login password required to log in to the real platform exchange. According to the above five processes, your account has already been announced.

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