ETF online cash subscription and offline cash subscription difference, a look at understand!

Many investors have a strong sentiment about index funds, especially ETFs. ETF subscription and redemption are different from traditional open-ended funds, which are online cash subscription, offline cash subscription and offline stock subscription. What is the difference between ETF online cash subscription and offline cash subscription?

1. Subscription channel

ETF is an on-site fund, and the subscription is similar to buying shares. The so-called Internet and offline are not generally Internet, but the online trading system of the exchange. The main difference between the two is that online cash subscription is to submit ETF subscription orders through the counter of the securities company's business department, telephone entrustment and online trading system network. Investors can cancel the subscription application within the trading time of the day after the application is submitted.

Offline subscription is to subscribe for fund shares through various business outlets of the securities company. After submitting subscription application, the securities company will submit the subscription information and online cash subscription together on the last three days.

2. Capital transfer

After the online cash subscription is submitted with the subscription order, the subscription funds are frozen in real time, and the funds are deducted on the day of liquidation. Online cash subscription is only frozen and not transferred. After the deadline for offline cash subscription, the funds will be transferred into the special account for fund raising.

3. Subscription share

The minimum share of online cash subscription and offline cash subscription is 1000 shares, which is equivalent to 1000 yuan. If the subscription is over, it is required to subscribe by its integer multiple.

4. Interest calculation

Whether it is online cash subscription or offline cash subscription, the interest generated before the foundation of the fund is accounted for into the fund property.

5. Subscription time

The time of offline cash subscription is the whole issue period, while online cash subscription date is only the last three days.

The above differences between ETF online cash subscription and offline cash subscription are hoped to help you. Warm tips: financial management has risks and investment needs to be cautious.

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