How to see black horse stocks? What are the characteristics of black horse stocks?

How to see black horse stocks? What are the characteristics of black horse stocks? Black horse stock is the symmetry of "white horse stock". A stock that used to perform mediocre and suddenly doubled or even several times its share price in a certain period of time. More in the performance of the general low price stocks. Looking for black horse stocks can be studied, analyzed and explored from the aspects of enterprise merger, the effect of introducing new technology, the successful production of new products, the development potential of the industry, the rapid expansion of product sales market, the remarkable effect of turning losses and increasing profits, the large-scale capital construction production in the early stage, the main control chip degree and operation intention.
Dark horse was not a stock market term at first. It refers to horses that are not expected to be favored on the racecourse, but can make the vast majority of people break their glasses and become unexpected winners in the race. Nowadays, many investors have misunderstandings about the black horse, thinking that the black horse stock is the star in the stock market. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Because the black horse stock is not the star of everyone's attention, nor is it the stock with the biggest increase, but an individual stock that investors didn't like, but could suddenly emerge. Therefore, the technique of selecting black horse is not to choose the strong stocks that people all know, but to see the essence through the phenomenon, and select the strong stocks from the stocks that most people are not optimistic about.

What are the characteristics of black horse stocks?
1, can become a black horse stock in the start will always encounter a variety of bad. The bad news is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the deterioration of listed companies' operation, the occurrence of major litigation matters, the censure and investigation by regulatory authorities, and the large ratio expansion in the weak market. Although there are various forms of bad news, there is one thing in common: bad news can easily lead to pessimistic sentiment about the company's future, and some even lead to the despair of investors to sell stocks at no cost.
2. The trend before the formation of the black horse also made the investment public have no hope for it. Because the trend is very ugly, usually a long continuous negative line breaks through various technical support levels, and the trend form will also show a serious situation of breaking position. Various commonly used technical indicators also show a weak pattern, which makes investors feel that the falling space in the future market is huge, and their psychology tends to panic, thus shaking the investors' confidence in holding shares.
3. There will be unnatural large-scale phenomenon in the bottom stage of individual stocks that can become black horses. The effective method of measuring energy shows that there is an active intervention of incremental funds. Because retail funds will not rush to build positions under the double blow of bad fundamentals and bad technology. Therefore, the large volume at this time shows that some panic markets are fleeing without considering the cost, while the stock price remains unchanged when the volume is large, which often indicates that mainstream funds are taking advantage of the opportunity to build positions. Therefore, this feature reflects that the stock is likely to become a dark horse in the future. Investors should pay more attention to this feature.

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