What do you mean by the beginning of XD? How to operate XD stock

What do you mean by the beginning of XD? How to operate XD stock? According to the regulations of Shanghai Stock Exchange, on the day of ex right, the word XD should be added before the stock code. Stock XD is the abbreviation of ex dividend, which means ex dividend. At the same time, buying stocks with XD from the same day means that they will no longer have the right to pay dividends from that day.

How should XD stock operate?
Usually, ex dividend usually indicates that the development of the company is better, which belongs to a form of dividend. After the right is removed, the share capital of the company increases and the corresponding share price falls, but the actual rights and interests of shareholders have not changed.
If the company's fundamentals are good, and there are various policies to support, usually after the stock ex right will have a certain rise, this period of time, the stock market in the high dividend transfer has become a hot spot of concern. This kind of stock is going well.
Therefore, according to experience, there will be a boom of speculation in each quarterly report. At that time, the best way is to operate according to the actual situation and obtain benefits from XD stocks.

How about the stock at the beginning of XD?
1. From the perspective of stock performance, if the performance of the stock will rise steadily in the future, many investors will take advantage of the low price to buy a large amount of money after ex dividend today in order to obtain more interest in the future, so that the stock price will rise back to the level before ex dividend, or even higher than before. If the stock performance is not good, the stock price will fall.
2. From a technical point of view, if we do not consider the performance of the case, the early stage of a large fund with the help of dividend theme will raise the stock price, after the dividend, the main capital may profit out. Therefore, whether such a stock is good or not needs to be considered comprehensively, and it can not be generalized. The investors can judge whether XD stock is good or not only through analysis.
Therefore, whether XD stock is good or not can not be defined simply, it depends not only on the comprehensive situation of various aspects, but also on the operation mode. Therefore, whether a stock is good or not can only be operated after careful analysis, not just by its name to define.

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