What are black horse stocks and white horse stocks? How to judge black horse stock and white horse stock?

What are black horse stocks and white horse stocks? How to judge black horse stock and white horse stock?
1. What are black horse stocks and white horse stocks?
There are two kinds of stocks: one is the dark horse on the racecourse, which is usually unknown, but occasionally breaks out, but it can surprise people. It is called "black horse stock"; the other is like the prince charming in fairy tales, which is sought after everywhere, and is the star of attention in the stock market. It is called "white horse stock".
Black horse stocks have the potential to rise suddenly, which refers to the stocks with poor performance but can rise sharply in the short term; white horse stocks refer to the stocks with transparent performance and good growth, which are generally favored by the public.
2. What are the characteristics of black horse stocks?
No matter the black horse stock or the white horse stock, once has such stock, the investor often can obtain the good income. Generally speaking, black horse stocks may have the following characteristics:
① Black horse shares in the outbreak before, often are not optimistic about the public. Listed companies may spread all kinds of bad news, such as the deterioration of the company's operation, facing major litigation, censure and investigation by regulatory authorities. These news may even cause some investors to sell stocks at no cost.
② The stock price trend is ugly. On the K-line chart, the stock price generally breaks through various technical support levels, showing a serious break situation, which makes some investors who use technical analysis feel that the possibility of future market decline is huge, and they are in great panic.
③ Black horse stocks in the process of building the bottom, will not naturally present a large-scale phenomenon. Generally, the stock price fluctuates at the bottom, but the trading volume continues to enlarge, indicating that the main force may be taking advantage of the opportunity to build a position.
Before the dawn of the soaring market, black horse stocks always have to go through a dark period. However, once such stocks suddenly soar due to the main capital injection or significant benefits, they will become "black horse of stock market".
3. What are the characteristics of Baima shares?
Compared with black horse stocks, white horse stocks not only have good performance, high rate of return, but also have relatively more speculators. It can be said that they are worthy of the name of pet investors. Baima shares generally have the following characteristics:
① Operation transparency is high. Baima stock companies usually disclose the relevant information of performance and subject matter to the public in a timely manner, so the investment risk is small.
② Excellent performance. Such companies often have higher earnings per share and net assets per share, which can often bring rich and stable returns to investors.
③ Sustained and stable growth. The specific performance is the steady growth of financial indicators such as the growth rate of main business income and the rate of additional issuance of net profit of listed companies.
In short, those big cap stocks with good performance, leading stocks in the industry, and high-quality new stocks with good growth are likely to become white horse stocks.
4. How to judge black horse shares and white horse stocks?
For investors, although black horse stocks may bring considerable profits in the short term, it is not easy to grasp the investment opportunity because of its great contingency; moreover, some black horse companies have problems in their own operation, and after a short-term outbreak, they may be in a slump. Investors should be careful when choosing black horse stocks.
White horse stocks are often the first choice of value investment for "long-term and big fish fishing". They are suitable for long-term holding. However, when things go to extremes, they will reverse. Some star white horse stocks may also be over hyped, and there is a risk of false high stock prices.
In short, both black horse and white horse stocks are only one of many stocks. The stock market is changing rapidly. It is the unchangeable truth to recognize the market and insist on rational investment.

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