What is the relationship between stock k line and trading volume? K line and trading volume analysis

What is the relationship between stock k line and trading volume? K line and volume analysis volume, price, time and space respectively refer to trading volume, transaction price, time span and fluctuation space, which are the four basic elements of technical analysis. There are various technical methods, but they are also inseparable from these four aspects.

Trading volume represents the size of chip transfer. The larger the trading volume, the greater the divergence of opinions. On the contrary, if there is no trading volume in a certain position, it means that everyone agrees with the price. There are fewer buyers and fewer sellers.

1. Volume: volume, Vol index
Stock selection should be conducted after moderate and large-scale reduction. It is best to form a large-scale group of stocks, and then buy them when they are large-scale. Moderate and large-scale stocks correspond to the process of capital absorption. The land-based shrinkage group represents the process of capital washing, and then the large-scale represents the pulling process of funds rapidly out of the cost area.

2. Price: price, K line
The price should be in the rising trend or in the process of platform consolidation or box activities. The best price buying point is to jump high, open high, break through the platform, break through the box, and break through the left peak.

3. Time: time
Do the right stocks at the right time, such as securities dealers in the first stage of the bull market, or at the turning point of the industry or individual stocks (when the party calls for it, firmly follow the party), and intervene in the first time.

4. Emptiness: Imaginary Space
Internal factors: restructuring, new action, stable growth of performance (different from maintaining stable business), technological moat;
External cause: subject matter, national policy. The imagination brought by external factors and internal factors will greatly change the fundamentals of the enterprise and achieve extraordinary growth. You don't have twice the imagination. Don't do it.

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