The form and catching skill of black horse stock before starting

1、 The form of black horse stock before starting

The start of black horse stocks is not an accident, in which there must be a big village lurking in it. Before the stock price starts, there must be a large-scale position building process of the main force, or a long period of hidden position building, or a rapid large-scale position building. Only after the main force has collected the vast majority of circulating chips by relying on financial strength, can the stock have the preconditions of black horse stocks. Here we don't have to worry To study the main force is how to build positions, as long as you understand the form of black horse stocks before the start, I think the form of black horse stocks before the start is 1. The floating chips of the market are reduced, and the amplitude of the stock price is narrower. If the main force is off today, the trading is very light, and there are many consecutive trading days before the start.

2. The 30 day moving average of the stock price leveled for several consecutive trading days or began to move up slowly. The 30 day moving average represents the average cost of the market. If the 30 day moving average of a stock leveled, it means that the long and short sides enter the balance stage. The investors who bought the stock before 30 days are in the breakeven state. As long as the stock price attacks upward, the investors will quickly enter the profitable State The cost is in the state of unwinding, the upward pressure of holding the stock is relatively light, and the average cost of the market is in the state of meager profit when it just started, and the corresponding cashing pressure is also relatively light, so the main operation will be relatively easy at the beginning of the market.

3. Weekly index and monthly index are all in low position, and daily index in low position can not effectively explain anything. The main force can easily lower daily index, especially technical indexes familiar to investors, such as KDJ and RSI, by relying on capital strength. Only when weekly index and daily index are in low position at the same time, can the stock really have the potential of black horse stocks Quality.

2、 Catching skills of black horse stocks

If investors have strong disk reading ability, they can identify the black horse stocks in advance, and wait patiently for the rising opportunities in advance. The problem is that when the stock price starts is not what investors can know. Then investors can wait for the stock price to start and intervene quickly, or they can dance with Zhuang. Here are some tips:

1. For the selection of target stocks, investors can often look up the list of prices (key 61 and key 63 of Qianlong software) to find the stocks with a rise of 2% - 4%, and then immediately observe the following aspects:

A. Is the 30 day moving average of the stock price flat, and are the weekly and monthly indexes all low?

B. Is the stock price at the bottom?

C. Whether the trading volume of the day effectively matches the rise of the stock price is very simple. The volume ratio of the stock price must be greater than 1. The larger the volume ratio, the better.

2. Generally speaking, there are clear signs of the main operation of the target stocks after they enter the attack state. The selling orders listed on the stock market are very large. However, no matter how large the selling orders are listed, there will be a corresponding influx of large-scale active buying, which will eat up the hanging orders. Then there will be large-scale selling orders listed on the stock market, which will be eaten up by buying orders Attack ability, investors can clearly see which is the main list, which is the list of retail investors, can clearly understand the main force has been working in it.

3. After confirming the target stock, investors can enter the bargain hunting operation. When the black horse stock starts, the stock price operation is very smooth, and the stock price rises rapidly and slowly callback. Investors intervene when the stock price callback. Generally speaking, when the stock price is attacked strongly, the stock price will not fall below the average price of the day. Therefore, a slightly higher position above the average price line is a better buying point for investors.

3、 Some other skills of black horse stock capture

1. If there is a distinct hot spot effect in the market, it is better to intervene in the hot plate stocks. It is better to be the leading variety of the plate. Often, the leading variety is the safest and also the variety with the most significant increase.

2. After the opening of individual stocks, the strength of individual stocks is relatively clear. The more morning the individual stocks break the trading limit, the more opportunities they have to rebound in the future market. Investors may as well have a try. Of course, investors must also pay attention to the setting of stop loss points.

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