What are black horse stocks and how to capture them?

Black horse stock is the symmetry of "white horse stock". In the past, the performance of the general, suddenly in a certain period of time its share price doubled or even several times the stock. Dark horse was not a term in the stock market at first. It refers to the horse that is not expected in the racecourse, but can make the vast majority of people break their glasses and become the unexpected winner. Nowadays, many investors have some misunderstandings about the black horse stock. They think that the black horse stock is the star in the stock market. In fact, this understanding is wrong. Because the black horse stock is not the star of everyone's attention, nor is it the stock with the biggest increase, but the stock that investors are not optimistic about but can rise suddenly. Therefore, the skill of selecting dark horse is not to select the strong stock that everyone knows, but to see the essence through the phenomenon and select the strong stock from the stocks that most people are not optimistic about.

The core technology of accurately selecting the black horse is to identify the characteristics of the black horse, and the most important characteristic of the black horse is that it is not favored by the investing public. Its specific characteristics are as follows: first of all, can become a dark horse stocks before the start will always encounter a variety of bad. The bad news is mainly manifested in the following aspects: the operation of listed companies deteriorates, there are major lawsuits, being condemned and investigated by the regulatory authorities, and a large proportion of expansion in the weak market. Although there are various forms of bad news, there is one thing in common: bad news can easily lead investors to be pessimistic about the future of the company, and some even cause investors to despair and sell stocks at no cost.

Secondly, the trend before the formation of the dark horse also makes the investment public have no hope for it. Because the trend is very ugly, usually the long continuous negative line breaks through all kinds of technical support, the trend will also show a serious situation of breaking, and all kinds of commonly used technical indicators also show a weak pattern, which makes investors feel that there is a huge space for decline in the future market, and their psychology tends to panic, thus shaking investors' confidence in holding shares. Finally, individual stocks that can become black horses will have unnatural volume phenomenon in the bottom stage, and the effective method of capacity shows that incremental funds are actively involved. Because retail investors' funds will not rush to build positions under the double blow of bad fundamentals and bad technology, the large volume at this time shows that some panic discs are fleeing regardless of cost, while the stock price remains unchanged during the large volume, which often indicates that mainstream funds are taking the opportunity to build positions. Therefore, this feature reflects that the stock is likely to become a dark horse in the future. Investors should pay more attention to this feature.

Three skills of selecting black horse stocks:

There are three common characteristics in the observation of big black horses at all times and in all countries: the first is the low starting point, the second is the long-term theme, and the third is the motivation. A low starting point means that the stock price is still at the bottom. Of course, there are also stocks with high starting point, but that is a small number. The vast majority of big black horses start at a low price. For example, the black horse of Warren Buffett, PetroChina, is around HK $1.6, which is also a low starting point.

The second condition is very important, the stock must have a long-term theme, and the long-term best has a lot of imagination. Although the current earnings per share is not outstanding, as long as there is a moving story behind it, there will be a lot of people who want to get involved. People grew up listening to stories when they were young. When I grow up, I still like to listen to stories. It's better that the story has twists and turns and is explosive. It sounds even more soul stirring. For example, when G Tianwei started at 6 yuan, it had a very moving story theme. In addition, Shi Zhengye of Wuxi Suntech became the new richest man in China, which increased the temptation of solar gold smelting. Therefore, G Tianwei was able to regain power and entered the reorganization after a 9-fold rise.

The third condition, that is, the necessary condition, is that there must be momentum, so as not to wait too long and lose patience. Especially from the weekly observation, there are a large number of individual stocks at the bottom, and the big market will burst soon. If you add attractive long-term themes, it will be more explosive. In the bull market, it's better to look more at the weekly and less at the daily line for technical stock selection. Only in this way can you find that black horse stock selection is so simple.

The above is some knowledge and skills about black horse stocks and how to capture them. For investors, it is very important to learn theoretical knowledge and master practical operation skills. Of course, analog stock speculation is also a necessary step before you enter the market. I hope you can master superb stock speculation technology and become a real investor He is a good stock speculator.

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