What are the three early technical characteristics of black horse stocks

The early technical characteristics of black horse stocks are as follows:

First, form

The vast majority of black horse stocks have a long period of raising money before starting, the time is 1-4 months, or even longer. In the form of K line, it is a long time horizontal plate. For this kind of horizontal plate, we should grasp several key points

One is location. On the Orsi superposition diagram of the software, the horizontal board of the low position should be near the 20 degree line, and it is better to hover about a grid below the 20 degree line. According to statistics, in recent years, more than a dozen black horse stocks soared 2-5 times, 70% of them were in the horizontal market for many days under the line of 20 degrees. This shows that the power of short selling has been exhausted, and the stock price has basically stabilized in the oversold area.

The second is the distribution of chips. The low horizontal market does not mean that the bookmaker has basically completed the fund raising. If you intervene too early, your fund will be locked for a long time, which is extremely uneconomical in the overall scheduling of funds. Therefore, we can pay close attention to the distribution index of mobile chips and CYQ index of the software. Generally speaking, if the low-level chips show a loose state, it indicates that the whole situation is in the early stage of horizontal fund-raising, and there is still a long way to go, so there is no need to rush in. To the late horizontal, low chips will form extreme compression on the index. The more compressed, the longer, and even the thin line, which is the best choice, because this kind of product not only shows the basic completion of horizontal fund-raising, but also shows the strong strength and determination of the banker. According to statistics, in recent years, the big black horse stock, its low chip compression degree is quite close.

Second, the shape of the K line

The K-line shape of black horse stocks in the bottom horizontal plate often has distinct characteristics, which is not only arranged very closely and orderly, but also presents a fragmented appearance, also known as adzuki bean arrangement. In fact, the arrangement of adzuki beans is quite common. The difference lies in: black horse stock adzuki bean arrangement is low position, and other stocks in the high horizontal plate is not the same; the second is a long time. Black horse stocks' adzuki bean arrangement often runs through the whole bottom horizontal period. If we use the way of small slow bull to pull up when starting, this kind of small bean arrangement will continue for a long time, even with the stock price rising to an incredible degree. Adzuki Bean arrangement shows that the amplitude of the stock price is very small, and the makers not only have more chips, but also have strong control ability. Therefore, experienced shareholders often say: don't panic, don't be busy, small beans pull up to keep up.

Third, measure energy

Most of the black horse stocks in the bottom horizontal trading period of trading volume will shrink significantly, in the volume index will form a long-term average line flat situation, just like a string of pearls with a thin line. However, it should be noted that although the direct witness measurement has a straightforward effect, it is not as accurate and reliable as the technical indicators, because the turnover of some stocks will shrink significantly, but the energy measurement index has not been adjusted in place. In the actual combat, the obv superposition diagram of software can be used to observe the situation that the black horse stock can be adjusted in place before starting. The reason is: any dealer who wants to create a black horse must hold a considerable chip at the bottom. However, when the obv is recumbent at the bottom for a long time, it is just a direct reflection of its attraction. Careful people can find that: in the obv superposition chart, the obv index basically forms a horizontal line, and the volatility of the stock price is greater than that of the obv. Generally speaking, when the stock price for the second time (sometimes for the third time) touches the obv index in the horizontal market below, the reserve black horse will rise up in a short time.

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