How to choose black horse stock? What are the morphological characteristics of black horse stocks?

Black horse stock is the stock that many investors want to look for. How can we find the black horse stock? Where should we choose it? Let's introduce where the black horse stock should be selected.

1、 Select the black horse with large volume at the bottom
1. At the beginning of the stock price, the daily trading volume is 2.5 times greater than the average moving volume of the stock in the first five days, and three times larger than the average moving volume of the previous 10 days.
2. At the beginning of the stock price, the intraday volume ratio should be at least 10 and the closing volume ratio should be at least 2.5.
3. At the beginning of the stock price, the trading volume keeps a mild and enlarged state, and the volume departure rate index Vbias can maintain a rapid and continuous rise of 3 to 5 days, and within a period of time after the stock price starts, Vbias can cross the 0 axis many times on 24 days.
4. The moving average volume VOSC index is larger than the 0 axis, and gradually moves up slowly. Even if occasionally adjusted, the time when the VOSC index is positive is much more than the time when it is negative.
5. When the standard deviation of trading volume index vstd rises rapidly to the extremely high position rarely seen in the history of the stock, it indicates that the volume of the stock is excessively enlarged. This extremely high position is different due to the different size of the circulation plate and the transaction activity of various stocks, so there is no certain quantitative standard. Investors can compare the historical performance of individual stocks based on the vstd index.
6. Although the volume of the bottom volume of individual stocks increased significantly compared with the previous period, it was not large compared with the circulation of individual stocks, and the daily turnover rate could not exceed 10%.

2、 Characteristics of black horse

Generally speaking, the increase of price increase and decrease of price is the normal form of stock market or individual stock operation. When the index or price is in the rising stage, the trading volume is often very large; when the stock index reaches the top, the trading volume will shrink extremely.

And the black horse often goes the opposite way, it will be at a low level when a large volume or even more than the volume of the early build head, this situation is known as "large volume over top", indicating that the stock market is optimistic.

The characteristics of this morphology are as follows:
1. There is a large volume of trading in the early stage (the top within one year).
2. In the early stage, it has been in the decline channel, and now it has stopped falling and stabilized. In recent days, a large amount of volume has been released at a relatively low level. The daily turnover exceeds the volume when the top is built. Generally, the turnover rate is more than 10%. At this time, the amplification at the bottom can be concluded as a sign of the main force entering the field. At the same time, the amount at the bottom of the head is more than the amount of the head, which is very conducive to resolving the head resistance.
3. After the release of large quantities, the stock price continues to stabilize and can quickly start to rise. This usually indicates that the stock price has a solid foundation, and there is still a large space for the future market. At this time, it can be followed up in time.
Some black horses tend to find signs of quantity when they are absorbed by the main force, while some main forces like to absorb quietly and have no obvious large-scale phenomenon when they are in the low position. The obvious feature of the rising process of these stocks is that the transaction shrinks, and even the more the stock goes up, the smaller the trading volume. The main force can push up the stock price with a small amount of transaction, thus revealing such reliable information:

1. The main force has completely controlled the board, and the high concentration of chips depends on the main force;
2. The upward contraction indicates that the main force has no possibility and willingness to distribute. If there is no obvious head feature, it is advisable to hold for a long time.
The stock market is the competition of human nature. The people who can survive in the stock market for a long time are undoubtedly the strong ones. Only when we can establish our own unique core competitiveness can we obtain competitive advantages in the market.

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