How to choose black horse stock? Black horse stock selection skills

What is black horse stock? Black horse stock refers to the stock whose price may deviate from the past price and rise sharply in the short term. So, how to choose black horse stock?

Any stock becoming a "black horse" is not completed in an instant. It always has its growth and development track. The following standards can exist alone or together in a stock. As long as investors pay attention to observation, they can make accurate judgments.

1. Select the main operation of individual stocks for supervision. There is a main force, especially a strong main force involved in the stock generally have the opportunity to soar. In the main stage of collection of individual stocks, its bottom shape is more obvious, in the opening will also show traces in the time-sharing chart and trading; in the pull-up stage, a huge increase in trading volume, accelerated shrinkage, washing up and smashing the plate, we can see the shadow of the main force. At this time, attention and follow-up can take a ride.
2. Choose stocks with strong solid bottom in technical form. The larger the bottom, the longer the duration, which indicates that the more money the main force attracts, the stronger the ability to control the board, and the greater the rising range and space in the future.
3. Choose stocks close to the edge of breakthrough form. The stocks that are close to a breakthrough in technical form usually have a long period of consolidation and preparation. Therefore, to track the "black horse", it is necessary to select the bottom to form a round bottom. When a breakthrough is just made or a triangle arrangement is made at a low level and upward breakthrough, it can be avoided to wait too long.
4. Choose a strong trend of stocks. "The strong are always strong.". In stock selection, if the moving average system forms a long arrangement, and the stock price stands above the moving average, or the individual stocks with RSI bull deviation can boldly intervene.
5. Choose stocks with themes that can become hot spots in the market. Subject matter is always the reason for stock market speculation, but also the objective factor to promote the rise of stock price. Stocks with themes are easy to be accepted by the market and easy to gather people to invest in speculation. Only in this way can they be favored by the market makers, and there is a large space for them to rise.
6. Choose stocks with high turnover rate. If we change hands sufficiently, the average cost of the stock price will continue to rise. Accordingly, the bottom of the rise of this stock will also be raised. If the stock rises later, it will be more solid and powerful.

Finally, we remind investors that there are risks in stock market and we should be cautious when entering the market. At the same time, it is very important to maintain a good investment attitude.

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