How to look at the index of main force in and out? How to judge the main force in and out?

Among the numerous stock analysis indicators, there is an index to analyze the inflow and outflow of main funds, which is used to analyze and judge the inflow and outflow of main funds in a stock. In the A-share market, this indicator is very practical. It can help us better follow the banks, and following the right makers is the only way to make money in the stock market. How should we look at the index of the main force in and out? How to judge the main force in and out?

Generally speaking, when the main force is not ready to pull up the stock price, the performance of stock price is often very dull, and the change of trading volume is very small. At this time, there is no practical significance to study the trading volume, and it is difficult to determine the intention of the main force. However, once the main volume of the stock price, its whereabouts will be exposed. We call this kind of stock as strong stock. It is of great practical significance to study the change of trading volume at this time.

At this time, if we can accurately capture the main signs of washing dishes, and decisively intervene, we can often obtain the ideal income in a short time.

Practice has proved that, according to the characteristics of trading volume changes, we can make a more accurate judgment on whether the main force of strong stocks is washing up.

1. Due to the active intervention of the main force, the originally dull stocks became active under the obvious amplification of trading volume, and the price increased. Then, the main force in order to clear up the obstacles for the future large-scale pull-up, had to force the short-term profit plate to be washed away, this wash dish behavior, in the K-line chart is often shown as the vibration of yin and Yang. At the same time, because the main purpose is to get the general investors out of the market, the K-line form of the stock price often becomes an obvious "head shape".

2. In the main washing stage, the K-line combination is often big Yin, and the number of times to close the negative, and each time the negative is accompanied by a huge volume, as if the main force is wantonly shipping. In fact, a close observation will find that when the above large amount of negative, the stock price rarely falls below the 10 day moving average, the short-term moving average constitutes a strong support for the stock price, and the main signs of low-level compensation are clear at a glance.

3. When the main force washes, as the main indicators of trading volume changes, obv and average line will also have some obvious characteristics, which are mainly shown as follows: when the above large negative volume occurs, the 5-day and 10-day average line of the stock price always keeps running upward, indicating that the main force has been increasing positions, the stock trading is active, and the future market is optimistic.

In addition, the quantitative index of trading volume, obv, always keeps up during the high volatility of stock price. Even if it falls down instantly, it will pull up rapidly and set a new high in the near future. This shows that only from the perspective of quantitative energy, the stock price has the conditions to rise.

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