How to analyze stock KDJ? Introduction to the principle of moving average first

For the stock speculation, technical indicators are widely used, in which the necessity is obvious.

1、 Modification of KDJ parameters

With the wide application of technical index analysis, the necessity of technical index has become obvious. However, the calculation of technical indicators and has been greatly simplified, which leads to large-scale similarity of technical indicators and loss of their guiding significance.

It is suggested that in order to maintain the harmony and unity of accuracy, sensitivity and timeliness as much as possible, it is necessary to reset parameters for some indicators and pay attention to the following details:

First, the parameters are set according to the cycle time of the time cycle system. Whether the market or individual stocks, time cycle time is a great harm to its operation, and cycle time itself is usually a very key parameter, which is particularly prominent in the level of moving average, high and low indicators. For the accurate measurement of cycle time, it can be determined by the cycle time of two key bottom points. In addition, due to the difference between long-term, medium-term and short-term stocks, investors must set humanized and familiar parameters according to the details. 5 (day) or its multiple and its fibonands series are all very good choices in these aspects.

Second, to maintain the consistency of different time specifications. If the parameters of the applicable daily moving average are put into the time-sharing chart, the very fluctuation index will be excessively sensitive, and the weekly line corresponding to the monthly line will be significantly backward. Therefore, in the whole process of application, this standard must be applied only after appropriate contingency. This is not a simple calculation problem, but must be adjusted after calculation, although some indicators are absolutely maintained Good results can still be obtained by the agreement.

Third, pay attention to the differences between the market and individual stocks. Because the market and individual stocks are generally and uniquely related, the same index parameter suitable for the market can be used for most individual stocks immediately or slightly after adjustment. However, there are differences between them. The average results of the market usually cover up a lot of facts or ignore the humanization, that is, individual stocks in strong or ultra weak situation are different from the market, and the setting of parameters should be changed Small stove.

Fourth, adjust and improve continuously with the change of sales market. Black horse stocks and inferior stocks are quite different from the general market, and the operation of balanced market and development trend is also quite different. In response to the continuously changing sales market, once we find that the original parameters are not suitable for the market situation at that time, we must adjust the parameters to facilitate the improvement of indicators. This should be a long-term work, especially in the short-term parameters.

Unique analysis of KDJ index of individual stocks

2、 Average priority standard

Once the stock price is restrained by the long-term moving average, KDJ can only do short-term stock speculation, and should not invest in short-term projects. It is the precondition of KDJ application. In the long-term moving average, and eliminate the moving average, kdjmacd gold fork, stock prices have oversold rebound will do short-term speculation

3、 The approximate cycle time of the increase

The daily KDJ is a short, medium and late period, with a maximum of 15 days - January

Weekly KDJ is in the middle and late period, and the duration is from January to March (once MACD gold cross, the base will rise within one month, but the rising range can not be determined)

Monthly KDJ is long-term, and the duration is generally from March to May

4、 After the ex right, the KDJ index has no practical significance, and it will take at least three months before it can be studied again

4、 Analytic cycle time of KDJ

Day, week, month, minute (key is 60 minutes)

On the 10th, the available cycle time of KDJ with the following analytical parameters is 3 days (3 days from MACD golden fork to moving average bull)

The application period of KDJ with the following analytical parameters is 10 days

The available cycle time of KDJ is 20 days

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