How to close securities account automatically? What is the process of closing securities account

The securities account is owned by everyone who invests in stocks. If the securities account is not used, will the securities account be automatically closed? How can the account be automatically closed? What's the process of closing the account? Here's the introduction of the relevant content. You can have a look.

1、 How to automatically close a securities account?
If the balance of securities is zero, the balance of funds is less than 100 yuan and there is no transaction in the past two years, the use of securities accounts shall be restricted. The list shall be sent to the business department where the holder is located, and the business department shall notify the holder, or resume the use of securities accounts within a specified time, or go through the account cancellation procedures. Then the securities business department can feedback the results to the clearing company.

Then, if the fund holder does not resume the use of the securities account within the specified time, and does not go through the account cancellation procedures, it will be regarded as the default cancellation of the fund holder. After the expiration of three years, the registration and Clearing Company will cancel the securities account in a unified way. Next, let's talk about the securities account cancellation process.

2、 What is the process of securities account closing?
First of all, to open a stock account of the business department, put forward the application for cancellation of the stock account, which is necessary to understand the securities account cancellation process.
Secondly, according to the requirements of the securities business department, find the relevant person in charge of the business department to sign the list given by the securities business department.
Thirdly, after the relevant person in charge of each post in the securities business department has signed, it is essential to go to the counter to handle the stock account cancellation procedures with ID card and shareholder account card.
Finally, the next day after the stock account is closed or after that, the securities fund account should be closed.

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