Novice trading gold futures to make plans

gold futures
The trend of gold and the stock market is generally in the opposite direction. Gold is a safe haven product. The sharp fall of the stock market and more capital flowing to gold are one of the factors that lead to the rising price of gold.
Novices should consider three aspects when making a gold futures trading plan: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and capital management. It is more important for beginners to learn to survive than to make money at the beginning stage, and the key to survive lies in mastering effective fund management methods and setting stop loss schemes.
First of all, avoid full position operation, single varieties overnight positions occupy the best funds within 1 / 3 of the total funds.
Secondly, stop loss should be strictly enforced. The intraday fluctuation of gold price is less than 2%. According to the historical fluctuation characteristics of gold price, investors can set the stop loss near the upper limit of intraday fluctuation. For short-term trading investors, if the daily fluctuation is more than 5%, they should take profits. For medium and long-term investors, they need to judge the market trend first, and then design the investment proportion according to the amount of their own funds. The initial investors can remit about 30% of the capital into the market, set the profit loss ratio to 3:1, and stop losing when the loss reaches 30% of the expected profit.
In a trading plan, taking a transaction as an example, it is necessary to first determine which fundamental factor dominates the market, and then analyze the market's expectation of it and how the expectation is reflected in the price. On the technical side, we need to set the price for ourselves to enter the market, to take profits, to stop losses, to hold positions, to trade within the day or to trade in a trend, and to deal with sudden changes.
It's very important to make a trading plan and strictly implement it in the process of trading.

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