How to open an account for gold investment

Gold account
How to open an account for gold investment: gold spot margin gold trading can only reflect the trading price difference through the book. It is a quick decision trading investment mode that uses leverage to "use small and broad" 24-hour T + 0 to trade flexibly and cannot extract physical gold.
Gold spot guarantee trading gold investment refers to an investment mode in which investors use 1:100 leverage to buy and sell "virtual gold" on the book to obtain the price difference by using only a small amount of funds according to the quotation; physical gold refers to the investment mode in which individuals buy physical gold such as gold nuggets and bars, but the recovery of real gold is more troublesome.
Investors' choice of gold products depends on their investment strategy, whether they are prepared for long-term collection value or short-term investment. If investors are for the purpose of long-term value preservation and mainly choose medium, long-term and short-term profitable investment when choosing gold products, they may as well choose spot margin gold investment.
There are three important issues for individual gold investment: first, strategy, second, investment mode and third, admission time.

How to open an account for gold investment:
1. Do gold investment how to open an account, to choose a good reputation, formal, strong comprehensive strength of the gold company.
2. After selecting a company, open an account and sign a contract according to the requirements of the platform provider.
3. Familiar with the system disk of learning gold investment electronic platform, can simulate account operation with platform providers.
4. Summarize the idea of making a list every day.
Gold not only has a certain value preservation function, but also has a very long-term value. The most important point is that gold has the function of resisting currency inflation. Finally, it is emphasized that when choosing a gold investment platform, we must choose a very professional investment platform, so as to protect our property.

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